About Eli Staples


   Eli Staples has been leaping across genres of music and styles since his first professional gig with a big band at the age of 16.  With formal training as a classical organist and as a jazz pianist, he might have ended up immediately in the concert hall, but it was in the diverse music scene and nightlife of Washington, D.C. that he found his inspiration.  He has performed in a vast array of genres including jazz, rock, R&B, cuban, Brazilian, funk, classical, and tango, and travelled around the world doing it.  


It was in 2007 when Eli was performing with the R&B artist Mya opening for Prince at the O2 arena in London, that he had an epiphany:


"We came off stage ourselves, and then watched Prince's whole show, which was such an inspiration.  I had this moment where I was watching him perform, who was of course amazing, and suddenly I thought, 'I can do that'.  Saying that now, I know it seems like a strange reaction, but to me it's somehow a special kind of respect.  I can do it, not in the same way he does, but I knew for sure at that moment that I too had my own voice, and it was time for it to be heard."


Consequently, he is now launching a new phase in his career as a singer/songwriter, performing pop/jazz originals and modern renditions of songs ranging from Dolly Parton and James Taylor to Stevie Wonder and John Legend.  He released his first EP in 2014.


Some of his previous career highlights include the aforementioned performance opening for Prince, appearing on the Today show in Rockefeller Plaza with Ashanti for the release of her "Chapter II" album, and being a featured artist with the National Philharmonic at Strathmore Hall in Washington, D.C. 


His performance credits include performances with pop artists Robin Thicke and Journey, touring with R&B artists Mya and Ashanti (both multi-platinum, Grammy award winning artists) and K'Jon, jazz artists Nneena Freelon and Bryan Lynch (six-time Grammy nominee and Grammy award winner, respectively), and nationally known contemporary jazz artists Karen Briggs, Cindy Bradley, Jessy J, Ken Navarro, Jaared, and Grainger.  

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